skin [skin]
[ME skinn < ON, akin to Ger schinden, to flay, peel < IE * (s)ken(d)-, to split off (< base * sek-, to cut: see SAW1) > OIr ceinn, a scale, scurf]
1. the outer covering or integument of the animal body
2. such a covering, esp. that of a small animal, when removed from the body and prepared for use; pelt
3. something like skin in appearance or function; any outer layer, as fruit rind, the shell or plating of a ship, a film or scum, the outermost nacreous layer in a pearl, etc.
4. a container made of animal skin, used for holding liquids
5. [pl.] Slang a set of drums, esp. in a jazz band
6. Slang a dollar
skinned, skinning
1. to cover with or as with skin; grow skin on
2. to remove skin from
3. to strip or peel off, as or like skin
4. to injure by scraping or abrading (one's knee, elbow, etc.)
5. Informal
a) to defraud or cheat; swindle
b) to criticize or scold severely
6. Informal to drive or urge on (a mule, ox, etc.)
1. to become covered with skin
2. Informal to climb ( up or down)
3. to move (through), pass ( by), succeed, etc. by a very narrow margin
Slang depicting or involving nudity and, sometimes, explicit sexual activity [skin magazine]
☆ be no skin off one's nose or be no skin off one's back
Informal to affect one not at all; be of no direct concern to one
by the skin of one's teeth
by the smallest possible margin; barely
☆ get under someone's skin
Informal to anger or irritate someone
have a thick skin or have a thin skin
to be insensitive (or acutely sensitive) to blame, criticism, insults, etc.
save one's skin
Informal to avoid harm or injury; esp., to escape death
skin alive Informal
1. to scold or punish severely
2. to defeat decisively
SYN.- SKIN is the general term for the outer covering of the animal body and for the covering, especially if thin and tight, of certain fruits and vegetables [human skin, the skin of a peach ]; HIDE1 is used of the tough skins of certain large animals, as of a horse, cow, elephant, etc.; PELT2 refers to the skin, esp. the untanned skin, of a fur-bearing animal, as of a mink, fox, sheep, etc.; RIND applies to the thick, tough covering of certain fruits, as of a watermelon, or of cheeses, bacon, etc.; PEEL1 is used of the skin or rind of fruit that has been removed, as by stripping [potato peel, lemon peel]; BARK1 applies to the hard covering of trees and woody plants

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